The Agenda Suria Convention Centre is uniquely located on an Overhead Bridge or also known as "OBR" along the ELITE Highway. With close proximities to USJ 21 in Subang Jaya district.

The design team also undertook an extensive refurbishment of the ornate ballroom, including its sconces, ceiling and column moldings and painting, resurfacing the floor and re-upholstering the walls. While the renovations upholds a very royal ballroom look, the space is dramatically transformed to bring clients' visions to life for corporate events, weddings, wedding dinners, and many other occasions.

The Agenda Suria Convention Centre is owned and operated by ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd. The Ballroom with a ceiling height of 13 feet and an area of 10,000 sq. ft. and can fit a capacity of 100 tables or 1,000 pax. The principal colours of the Hall are burgundy white and gold, with gold wall panels and plastered ceilings adorned with renaissance styled chandeliers. The floor is fully carpeted. The Ballroom is lit by 16 glamorous chandeliers, each holding 48 candles. The wall lamps are also crystal adorned lamps that match the ceiling chandeliers. For functions the hall is furnished with chiavari chairs. The overall style is early Neo-Baroque and as a whole is strongly influenced by Late Classicism.

Why We Are The Best

Unique Location

Before anything else, the venue truly sets the tone for the type of event you're throwing, be it otherworldly,or modern.

Multi Camera Live Streaming

ASCC is equipped with State-of-the-art multi-camera streaming and video production service.

Video Wall

Agenda Suria Convention Centre ("ASCC") is very proud of its state of the art TV video wall at the foyer of the ASCC.